Play games to earn Free Land!

Opensim Hypergid Compatible Game

We’ve spent many years and thousands of dollars developing the best Amusement Parks, Roller Coasters, Rides and even working Movie Theaters in the metaverse! From our Wonderland Amusement Park to standalone sims like our Dark Manor ride, we have an ever-growing selection of the best VR premium attractions in the Metaverse!

We bring unique and original attractions to the Hypergrid!

We have over 15 years experience in Second Life and Opensim, and have created many of the top attractions on both virtual world systems. Our regions are low lag, run on enterprise grade hardware, with real professionals at the helm – not some grid ran from someone’s basement. Your data is safe and secure with us with multiple region backups in place and a cloud infrastructure designed with data integrity in mind.

Your home way from home!
Keep your home grid, but live here FREE!

We are the main grid for providing professionally hosted regions absolutely FREE to Opensim (Opensimulator) hypergrid residents! We do not allow local avatar registration on our grid at this time, but you don’t need a local account to own land or play our games, see the OSHost website for details or visit our Real Estate Office!

Or copy & paste this address into your world map: